Lemon McGrath

They / Them

My art is a log of my spiritual journey. It is the only way I can truly express who I am authentically and connect with other souls. The Other Side (an entire Dungeons & Dragons world of my own invention) is a reflection of my constructed inner world as I navigate an outer world built on exclusivity and fear. It is the safe space that I created in order to explore parts of my personality, process my traumas, and ultimately where I come to truly know myself. It is a healing space - one that I would like to extend to others for their explorations in healing.I endeavor to hold a mirror up to the broken parts of society with my work and to lead by example that one, no matter how hurt or abused, can continue moving forward with grace and love. It is time to create change. It is a time to stand up for the outcasts, underdogs, and hurting. It’s time to embrace our weirdness. Are you along for the ride?